A comparison between two main characters homers odysseus and virgils aeneas

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A comparison between two main characters homers odysseus and virgils aeneas

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Comparative Analysis Essay Sample Introduction Odyssey and Aeneid are epics that need no introduction in the literary world. They are considered the greatest works of Greek and Roman literature and numerous interpretations and analysis were already based on these two great epics.

Such, is also the purpose of this research paper. A brief summary of Odyssey and Aeneid would be presented to give a background on the commencement and culmination of their journeys. A comprehensive analysis on the personal traits of the two main protagonists, namely, Odysseus and Aeneas, alongside their journey and the things that they encounter along the way, would also be given light.

Therefore, the main intention of this research paper is to [show the difference and similarity of the two epics, although created centuries apart, in different times, a connection can be found and can be proven through the various cited themes and the origin in which the authors have found their inspirations].

A comparison between two main characters homers odysseus and virgils aeneas

Helen, who was the most beautiful woman in the world, also had Odysseus wooing her. So, all the suitors of Helen, who were mighty Kings and men of Greece, took an oath. Although, he was wrong about whom Helen is going to choose, he displayed a persona, of that of a diplomat, a smooth talker, an eloquent and persuasive speaker.

Odysseus is known to be the man of immense self-control and reasoning. Odysseus was also known as a man of peace, who hated squabbles and firmly believes in self-preservation. A best example of this self-preservation was when the envoy from Sparta came to solicit his oath to Menelaus in reclaiming Helen.

Thinking about his infant son and the future of his city Ithaca for there was a prophecy that says of a long journey for him if he went to Troy ; Odysseus pretended to be insane, put on ragged clothes and sowed the field with salts.

Odysseus went to Troy and built the famous Trojan horse.

A comparison between two main characters homers odysseus and virgils aeneas

He convinced twenty Greek soldiers to hide inside its belly including himselfand leave the horse as an offering to the gods while the rest of the Greek fleet pretentiously sailed away. The Trojans, fiercely superstitious, took the wooden horse inside the city and had a feast celebrating their victory.

Then, at nightfall, through the command of Odysseus, the men inside the horse slowly descended while the whole of Troy was asleep. They opened the gates and lead the army of Greece inside the walls of Troy. Hence, the destruction of the city of Troy.

He managed to escape and sailed to Latium, where he founded the City of Rome. Euripides, Daughters of Troy ] Through out the voyage, Odysseus and his men met many interesting figures, such that of the lotus-eaters, the land of the Cyclops where Odysseus employed one of his tricks of introducing himself as Nobody, so that when the Polyphemus the Cyclops who captured them was blinded by Odysseus and his men, called out to the other Cyclops for help.

They asked Polyphemus who had blinded him and he shouted Nobody, so the other Cyclops went back to their dwelling. They met the happy king Aelous who gave them a bag of fast winds, gone to the island of the cannibals, and met Circe and she bore him a son Telegonos.A 7 page paper that compares two main characters in Sophocles' Antigone and Homer's Odyssey: Antigone and Penelope.

These two women share a number of common characteristics and make similar determinations in regards to morality and family arteensevilla.com  · List of Homeric characters This is a list of principal characters in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey Greeks in the Trojan War.

Achilles (Ἀχιλλεύς), the leader of the Myrmidons (Μυρμιδόνες), son of Peleus and Thetis, and the two together are sometimes called the "Ajaxes" arteensevilla.com Virgil in the Inferno Two of the greatest works ever written, The Odyssey by Homer and The Inferno by Dante, are detailed, multi-sectioned poems about the journey’s of two men.

In each story, the main character is given some sort of guidance by another character in order to aid them in their arteensevilla.com://arteensevilla.com Related Essays: Odyssey and Aeneid View Paper . Odyssey & Aeneid Homer's Odyssey is a hallmark for epics everywhere, with features from its hero being present in most main characters of epics to arteensevilla.com://arteensevilla.com  · The question of who will marry Lavinia—Turnus or Aeneas—becomes key to future relations between the Latins and the Trojans and therefore the Aeneid’s entire historical scheme.

Amata - Queen of Laurentum (a region of Latium, in Italy) and wife of arteensevilla.com://arteensevilla.com The main characters of these two works are Odyssey and Aeneas – their stories’ respective titles reflect their names.

These tales both take place shortly after the Trojan war. Odysseus, a Greek, was on the winning side, and is leaving arteensevilla.com://arteensevilla.com

Compare the visits to the Underworld by Odysseus and Aeneas