Australia is not a racist country essay

Nor is the hate confined to Trump alone but includes his aides and supporters. Unfortunately, we live in times that are not normal.

Australia is not a racist country essay

Tweet We might continue to see mainstream polls written by white people for white people that invariably conclude that Australia is not a racist nation, but we need to stop legitimising the privileged view of race politics in this country.

We need to stop reducing racism to whether or not Joe Bloggs down the street uses racial slurs to determine whether or not this country is racist.

Australia is not a racist country essay

Racism is not as simple as some ignorant fool shouting expletives to strangers on a bus. It is woven into the fabric of this nation and every institution that has been formed to govern the country; it has infiltrated homes through mainstream media Australia is not a racist country essay the racist assumptions about racial groups — particularly of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

On Sunrise - Is Australia Racist? How will we ever know unless we ask an all-white panel?

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Racism is alive and well in Australia. It has been since It runs in cycles of being covert and then becomes increasingly overt like a heart murmur on the monitor machine — but it is always there and it remains systemic and institutional. The crux of the racist attitudes in this country are rooted in the long relationship between Government and Church, notwithstanding the theoretical separation of powers.

Australian societal attitudes and behaviour towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is borne of the corrupt relationship between these two institutions and their inherent ethnocentrism.

Despite being culturally, linguistically and physically different from Native Americans, for example, they too were deemed inferior to the Europeans.

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The Media When Indigenous people failed to die out as predicted by eugenic consultants for the Government, the war was waged on a propaganda basis — through an key tool of the Government — the media. The propagation of stereotypes is most prevalent in mainstream media which flows straight into the homes of families.

When screen time is given to Indigenous issues the narrative is either one of patriarchal condescension where Indigenous people are painted has hopeless, unable to manage their affairs, unable to participate productively in society and needing the helping hand of the good white community or worse, alcoholics, child abusers or neglecters and violent.

Australia is not a racist country essay

This depiction is powerful on those sitting at home around their dinner table discussing without a converse viewpoint to counterbalance the racist stereotypes. When protests occur to raise awareness and protest the treatment of the Indigenous community, the mainstream media regularly presents a narrative of selfish people disrupting the daily lives of good citizens, when the truth is quite the opposite.

These institutions are the three arms that govern this country and each — and every branch off them — maintains the paradigm that has been since federation or arguably even before — that their way is the right way and anything that threatens the ruling class must be oppressed and subverted.

Yes, there have been a few symbolic acts such as the ReferendumApology and the Native Title Actbut overall very little has changed.

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A barrier in the profitability of the mining industry. An inconvenience on Australia Day. Australian Governments, Parliamentarians and bureaucrats at all levels contribute to racism. This is evident in their failure to grant land rights and facilitate justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their complete disregard of charges of genocide from the community, their failure to sign and act upon international instruments and exclusionary policies on a national and international level.

Instead the Government enacts policies that are targeted in their racism — from the Northern Territory Intervention which was started on a lie, to the basics card welfare quarantine and working for unemployment entitlements — all of which disproportionately target and affect Aboriginal people.

The judiciary demonstrates the entrenched racism with particularly brutal precision. Although the statistics do not present that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commit any more crime than non-Indigenous Australians, they make up 17 percent of the prison population despite representing only 2.

You would have to be extremely radical to believe that breaking the law is inherently imbedded in the biology of a racial group and yet, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are significantly more likely to receive custodial sentences than their non-Indigenous counterparts and this is the case for even minor offences.

There have been calls for a formal investigation to be launched into sentencing practices following the hit and run death of Aboriginal boy, Jack Sultan-Page in which in Matthew Alexander was given an month suspended sentence and six months in home detention for the incident. Related Reading Southern Cross tattoos: Which raises the questionFREE COURSE THE WORLD, THE JEWS AND THE SCIENCE OF HUMAN SURVIVAL Anti-Semitism, division, separation, violent conflicts and a general breakdown of the institutions of human society.

ITS a strange world we live in when a little bit of nostalgia on a TV reunion show leads to an entire country being condemned as racist and .

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In a full-issue article on Australia that ran in , Aboriginal Australians were called “savages” who “rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings.”. The text of the apology did not refer to compensation to Aboriginal people as a whole, nor to members of the Stolen Generations specifically.

Rudd followed the apology with a minute speech to the house about the need for this action.

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