Chester zoo applied science coursework

This course is for those students who enjoy finding out how things work, and who have an enthusiasm and interest in science. Applied Science allows you as the student to cover aspects of Chemistry and Biology, combining this with Maths and industrial experience.

Chester zoo applied science coursework

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Chester zoo applied science coursework

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Chester zoo applied science coursework

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Find more information about Animal Behaviour and Biology BSc (Hons) course at University of Chester, including course fees, module information and entry requirements.

Human Biology, Chemistry, Applied Science Biology, Chemistry or Human Biology Not currently available, please - Five sites in Chester - A campus in Warrington - University. Sue Walker. Head of Applied Science at Chester Zoo. Location Liverpool, United Kingdom Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism.

Current: particularly in the context of probiotic trials or time course studies that investigate symbiotic bacterial communities. Authors: Head of Applied Science at Chester Zoo. Chester Zoo. University of Title: Head of Applied Science at .


Conservation News > Life in the Chester Zoo science lab Conservation News. Life in the Chester Zoo science lab. 29 Jan Science at Chester Zoo. together specialists from around the world to discuss future directions for research in this field and our own head of applied science, Dr Sue Walker, delivered a talk on the reproductive.

Applied Science Course Summary business we have chosen to research is Chester Zoo who use science in the conservation and breeding of animals. In addition, students must also research the roles of the scientific staff who To prepare for the coursework on Chester Zoo, prospective students could visit the zoo and collect.

Coursework tasks include essays, lab reports, field trip reports, posters and presentations. Examinations will make use of multi-choice and essay style questions. For Biology assessment consists of coursework and end-of-module examinations (typically in a module).

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