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Hotel Contacts Las Vegas saw Macau looming large in its rearview mirror and by the end of had been eclipsed on casino revenues. This once sleepy enclave has indeed woken up — fast. Resort operators were required by law to diversify from majority casino-focused offerings to embrace Vegas-style family entertainment.

Fun an finance

Is now the right time to jump back in? Why would anybody want to invest in the stock market when the president of the U. Nothing is off the table here. Corporate profits are dropping. Steel tariffs are killing the construction industry. It still thinks the economy is booming.

Xi and Trump are both ultra-stubborn. Xi is helping his economy with infrastructure and help for the banks. Fun an finance its part, Washington misjudges as well. Safety inspections can close American hotels; tax investigations can tie American firms in knots; and customs delays can hold up parts and idle American-owned factories.

Chinese tourism to the U. China can further ease sanctions on North Korea, buy more oil from Iran or become more aggressive in the South China Sea. Houses are now more pricey. There are no buyers. Hedge funds are selling to met their investor redemptions.

Some hedge funds are simply selling to lock in gains. There are many of us who are still looking at gains in our equity portfolios — despite this sell-off. And no one is showing up. Today seems a good time to lighten up and hold more cash. That was a few days ago. On a historical basis, given low inflation and low real interest rates, stocks are statistically cheap.

On the other hand, he admits to a very weak technical underpinning to the markets and sees the shift from active to passive strategies as a contributor to the new regime of volatility, which is making many investors anxious and even fearful because of the swift intraday markdowns seen recently.

One, in particular, signals a bottom like clockwork. He just left a message. Also plaguing the equity markets is that last night, the SCMP reported: I recommended dumping or avoiding them.

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Right now one of my biggest holdings is Berkshire Hathaway. Look at its performance this year. We must be getting close to that time. How can a bank be this dumb? This is mind blowing. The following afternoon Fridaythe bank calls and says they think my wiring instructions may be wrong.

This, of course, is total nonsense. To humor the bank, I call the wiree the person meant to receive the wire and have them read me the wire instruction numbers. I tell my bank.

None of them do. I check my bank account. Then they think it might be their fault. Their bank is also launching an investigation.

Fun an finance

Does anyone know of a intelligent, competent bank? Or is that an oxymoron? Saturday Night Live does Jeff Bezos. But it should today.

Watch how the market ends today. It may be time to start nibbling.Every day is a getaway at Palace Pointe, Piedmont's premier place for family fun, awesome activities, group outings and exciting events.

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Fun an finance

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Jun 15,  · Proof if proof were needed that Valve Corporation, the games and software publishing company which has already effectively redrawn the map of . Fun, Facts and Finance. likes. Welcome to Jamila B's page where I will post discussion questions, facts around mental health and personal finance.

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CITY GUIDE. Macau - bring on the bling! A grab-bag of Macau hotels and casinos - fun guide to swank beds and gaming options with a peek at heritage walks, inns, luxury shopping, nightlife, and egg tarts.

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