Write a letter to the editor of a national daily

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Write a letter to the editor of a national daily

Sir, Through the esteemed column of your newspaper, I wish to create an awareness among the public about pollution hazards. Today the world has become too materialistic.

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The Mammon worshipping has made us insensitive to the pollution problems we are creating for ourselves and our society. Pollution has become a threat to mankind.

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We must understand that the world today is preoccupied with the problem of pollution control. In spite of a number of Acts, Legislations, Constitutional amendments and Pollution Central Board our country has failed to check this threat.

Let us look into the matter any try to make people understand their role. The factors responsible for Air and Water pollution must be removed to make the environment clean. Air pollution is a serious threat at present. Our atmosphere is composed of various gases.

It is never pure because various types of other gases are added to it by nature or man-made sources or both. Increase in vehicular traffic also has made the situation worse. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is affecting the global temperature. The automobile exhaust and forest fire abounds in carbon monoxide.

write a letter to the editor of a national daily

Its concentration affects the nervous system and cause s suffocation, giddiness, headache among human beings. It decreases nitrogen fixing ability in plants.

Excess of Nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide etc. Lung cancer, internal bleeding and blockage of respiratory system are among its serious effects. Water pollution is also playing havoc with human life.

Water becomes polluted when some foreign substance is present in it. It present in it. It degrades its quality and makes it unfit or harmful for use. This foreign substance is detrimental to the health of man, animals and plants.

In other words, the quality of water changes and it becomes less suitable for drinking purposes, agricultural activities, for aquatic creature or other purpose. Polluted water can cause various intestinal infections like cholera or dysentery or certain diseases like jaundice.

Sewage is an important source of pollution in urban centers. Liquid waste comes from residential areas, institutions, hotels, hospitals etc.

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The community waste carries putrid organic matter. It gives rise to bad odor and various pathogenic germs.

write a letter to the editor of a national daily

This also leads to pollution of underground water. On the other hand Industrial waste, in the industrial waste affects the growth of plant life too. I have tried to bring in the lime-light the sources of pollution and its effects on human and plant life. I hope this will awaken the people to their role in making the environment clean.

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